Tasker 5.8.5 – Automate Dark Mode

A new Tasker is out! Download it here!

This one is focused on the new Android 10 feature: Dark Mode. Check it out!

Dark Mode Action

As seen in the above video, Tasker can toggle Dark Mode on your phone!

Since this is Tasker this can be used to automate Dark Mode in a lot of situations, like make it turn on automatically at sunset, at a given time or even when your phone detects that the light level around you is low.

Import the project seen in the video right here!

This action works reliably on Android 10 but only works on some Android 8 or 9 devices, so please be aware of that.

Dark Mode State

Tasker can now also react to Dark Mode being changed on your device.

This allows you to, for example, change your home screen wallpaper to a darker one when dark mode is enabled.

In-App Dark Mode

Tasker itself now has an option to make its own theme match the theme on your phone. So if dark mode is enabled on your phone it will be in Tasker as well!

Full Changelog

The full changelog for this release which can be found here.

Comment On Release

You can comment and give feedback on this release here. Enjoy! 😊