Tasker 5.14 – Scenes +, Screen Recording, Public TaskerNet Shares and more!

A new version of Tasker is out! Download it here!
This version should be on Google Play any minute now, but if you don’t want to wait for the Google Play update, get it right away here.


Scenes +

You can now create interactive overlay scenes absolutely everywhere!

You could create:

  • an old-school Android ticker for your notifications: Import project
  • Smart Home controls on your lock screen: Import project
  • Smart Home controls on the Android 12 power menu: Import project
  • A custom navigation bar: Import project
  • A music/podcast scrubber on your lock screen: Import project
  • Samsung-like edge notifications that show on your Always-on-display for the notifications of your choosing: Import project
  • and many more!

These are just a few examples! With Tasker, your imagination is the limit!

Screen Recording

Create your own truly customized screen recorder with Tasker!

You could, using the ability to create scenes on the navigation bar for example, create an always present button to start and stop recording the screen!

Import an example project here!

Public TaskerNet Sharing

You can now mark your projects, profiles and tasks as public when sharing them as a link to TaskerNet!

Simple add a few tags, mark them as public and everyone will be able to use your projects!

Full Changelog

The full changelog for this release can be found here.

Comment On Release

You can comment and give feedback on this release here. Enjoy! 😊