Tasker 5.12 – Sleep Tracking, Easy JSON/HTML/XML/CSV Reading, Parse/Format Date and Times and much more!

A new Tasker is out! Download it here!

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You can easily import all examples in the video directly into Tasker. Check here!

Sleep Tracking

Automate your device based on when your phone thinks you fall asleep!


No more hard parsing of data for the vast majority of web service APIs out there. Now reading API output is a breeze!



Parse/Format Date and Time

It’s now super easy to take any date with any format as input and output it with any other format! Check out the demo:

Also, you can directly add/subtract time to any date and time!


Simple Match/Regex

Even if the text you want to get data from is not in any of the above formats you can still get the data you want with Simple Match! Tasker will directly create variables containing the data you need!
And if your text is REALLY complicated you can always go next level and use Regex in the new action!

Favorite Actions

It’s now super easy to access the actions you use the most! Simply long-click the plus button to add an action to directly access your favorite actions!

Array Functions

You can now more easily transform/access arrays in the ways you need them!
For example, you can easily join all the elements of an array with %array(+JOINER_HERE) (where JOINER_HERE are any characters you like)…

…or getting multiple items from an array in one go by using %array(1,3,4) to get items 1, 3 and 4 from the array!
You also have easy access to all of these array functions in an in-app helper so you never have to remember how to use them!

Arrays Merge

Sometimes you have multiple related arrays in Tasker (like for example all the titles and texts of the current notifications). Now you can automatically merge them into 1 array with any text format you want! Very handy to use with the List Dialog for example to show/pick an item from a list of items!

Tick Event

There are situations where you want to trigger a task multiple times a minutes (like if you want to check/update your location very frequently for example) and that was rather hard to do with Tasker. Now it’s super easy! Just setup the new event and set the time interval which can be as low as 100 milliseconds!

Full Changelog

The full changelog for this release can be found here.

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