New AutoNotification Conversations

A new AutoNotification is out and there’s a new style of notifications available: Conversations! Download it here!

As you can see, conversation notifications are dynamic notifications with rows of icons, texts or images that resemble a conversation. They are beautifully rendered by the OS, and the image’s sizes are automatically adjusted to the content.

Of course, this is Tasker, so whatever goes in there is up to you!

Check out this little simulated conversation I created in Tasker just to illustrate this feature 🙂

Note that this is not about having conversations with other people, there’s no social aspect here 🙂 These are just notifications with whatever content you like!


If you want to learn all about creating conversation notifications, check out the full tutorial here.

Gmail Buttons Fix on Android Pie

This new release also fixes Gmail Buttons for Android Pie, so if that stopped working for you on Android 9, here’s the fix!

As always, report any issues at our G+ community. Enjoy! 🙂