Natural Language Voice Commands for Join in Chrome

Starting with version 1.0.49 the Join Chrome Extension will allow you to control your devices with your voice!

You can make Join always listen for a wake-up command, which by default is Computer, or you can trigger voice recognition with a keyboard shortcut.

Then you can use natural language to issue voice commands. Stuff that will work:


  • Push this to my Nexus 5 while a tab is open on a web page
  • Reply with hello there! after you receive a new text message
  • Ring my device to make your phone ring
  • Write hello on my Nexus 6 to write ‘hello’ on your Android device
  • Note to self walk the dog to create a notification on your device with the text walk the dog
  • It would be awesome if you could start capturing the screen on my precious and awesome Nexus 5 to start capturing yor Nexus 5’s screen 😎

If you don’t say the device name, it’ll use the last device you used. If no device was used, it’ll ask you to say which device you want to use.

Download the Android app here and Join in!