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Step 0 – Check out what Join can do


Step 1 – Apps

Download and use the apps for the platforms you use

Android App

Chrome Extension

Desktop app for Windows, Mac or Linux

Windows Store app (allows Windows Explorer Integration)

Join on the Web

Join API

Join With Google Assistant

Step 2 – Enable the stuff you want in the app’s settings

Open the app, expanding the navigation drawer on the left and select “Settings”

  • You can enable clipboard syncing for the devices you want
  • You can enable SMS notifications for the devices you want
  • You can enable notification syncing for the devices and apps you want: Setting_Landscape (image provided by Simon Hoffmann)

Step 3 – Request Features

If you want a feature to be added to Join, request it here.

Step 4 – Enjoy!

You can send links from one device to another, sync notifications, send SMS messages and much, much more!