Join Desktop Shortcut for Chrome Extension

Did you know that you can use a desktop or taskbar shortcut to launch Join for Chrome in a standalone window?

Here’s you you do it:

  1. Copy and paste this URL in a new tab: chrome-extension://flejfacjooompmliegamfbpjjdlhokhj/devices.html?tab=notifications&popup=1
  2. In Chrome open the Menu -> More Tools -> Create Shortcut…
  3. Confirm that you want to add it to the Desktop
  4. Open chrome://apps/ in a new Tab
  5. Right-Click the Join item and select the Open as window option
  6. Right-Click the icon on your desktop -> Properties -> change icon to this.
  7. Drag the icon to your Taskbar
  8. Open the shortcut and resize as needed
  9. Close the popup and open it again. Notice how it retains the last position you used for it

Now you can enjoy Join at a click of a button! 🙂