What’s the best way to get help on an issue I encounter on any of the apps?

First search the Reddit Community for your issue.

If you can’t find anything, post about it there and I or a member of the community will be happy to help.

In your post include the following:

  • What your purpose is. What exactly do you want to do?
  • What the problem is
  • How to reproduce it exactly (what data you used, what actions you took. Be specific)
  • Write everything in a “step by step” style (like I’m doing with this right now) instead of a big wall of text. It’s easier to understand and follow.
  • An export of the description (not xml) of your relevant profiles/tasks so I can help. Without these I would just be guessing of what could be wrong. To export a profile or task you need to name it first, so long-touch it in Tasker and name it. After that you can export it’s description.



I’ve bought the unlocker for an app but it’s still not recognized as a full version! Why?

The number 1 reason why this would happen: you have the Freedom or Lucky Patcher pirating apps installed. These will change other apps (even if not directly applied to them) and mess with the AutoApps licensing system. I’m sorry but I can’t support these apps so AutoApps won’t work in this situation.

If this is not your case, please check the following:

  • Did you ever download any app of mine from somewhere else other than Google Play? If you did you may have downloaded a modified or cracked version of the app which will modify permissions on your system and will make my apps stop working normally
  • Do you have root? If so, your Google billing services may have been disabled. Please install this app or something similar and check if the Google billing services are not disabled.
  • Do you have Greenify or a similar app that kills other apps? Check if it’s not affecting any AutoApp or the Google billing services

To fix these problems:

  • uninstall any pirating  app or cracked version of the AutoApps and enabled all billing services
  • uninstall all my apps (including the AutoApps app if you have it)
  • reboot
  • reinstall AutoApps (if you need it)
  • reinstall my other apps

If it still doesn’t work contact me directly and let me know and I’ll see if I can find out what the issue is.


Why is an app showing as not bought on Google Play? I have already bought it!

You probably bought the in-app version of the app. The app that’s showing as not bought on Google Play is the unlock key. Check below for differences.


What is the difference between the in-app unlocks and the separate unlock keys?

The only difference is that with the in-app unlock you only have to install one app, while with the unlock key you need to install 2 apps. You can still use the app on other devices provided you are using your account on them.

If you’re using the in-app unlock system, the app will just unlock itself every time you install it on a different device. Be aware that in order for the app to check its license, you’ll need to be connected to the internet the first time you boot it up.

Some people prefer the separate unlock key because they can see that they bought the app right on Google Play. You will no indication that you bought it if you’re using the in-app unlock.

If you purchase the in-app version, the unlock key on Google Play will show as not purchased, but that’s normal because as mentioned above these are 2 separate purchases with the same goal: to unlock the full version of the app.

It’s up to you to decide which method you prefer. 🙂

In the more recent AutoApps I’ve mode to only one method of unlocking an app: via AutoApps


Why are there so many ways to unlock these apps? It’s confusing!

I agree. I would only have AutoApps to unlock apps if I could start over. This happens for historical reasons and I don’t see a way out of it.

Here’s why:

  • First there were separate lite and full apps (like AutoRemote). This had the problem of when people moved to the full app from the free one, they had to do their profiles all over again because they weren’t compatible. Also, I had to build 2 versions of the same app. Not ideal.
  • Then I started offering separate unlock keys. (AutoVoice for example) I got rid of both of the above problems but people started to complain about having too many apps installed because for each app they had to had a separate unlock key. Not ideal.
  • To mitigate this I started offering in-app purchases inside each app so that people didn’t have to have separate unlock keys. People started to complain that in-app purchases wouldn’t last and that they would have to buy them again if they changed phones, which is absolutely not true btw, so I kept unlock keys. Now I had 2 ways of unlocking each app. Not ideal.
  • Finally I created AutoApps to serve as a single unlock key for all my apps. From AutoInput on, all my apps can only be unlocked with that. People still complain about having to install another app just to unlock my apps, but now at least it’s just one app instead of multiple apps. It’s not ideal but it’s the best I can do considering all options.

The problem is that I now have a legacy of apps that I can’t simply take away or else people that already use them will be out of luck.


I have multiple accounts on my device. How can I buy stuff in AutoApps with the account I want?

Unfortunately this is a long standing issue that Google needs to fix. There’s no way for developers to choose which account the user uses to unlock an in-app purchase. To work around this, you can do one of the following

  • Make sure that you install AutoApps with that account from Google Play in the web version of Google Play (copy-paste this link into a web-browser, it won’t work in the Android app). Then all in-app purchases will be made with that account. If you previously installed it with a different account, uninstall it and in the Google Play Web Page make sure you are signed in with the correct account before installing it again.
  • Go to Android Settings -> Accounts -> Remove account that didn’t purchase the IAPs from AutoApps -> purchase IAP in AutoApps -> re-add removed account

Really wish there was a better solution, but that’s all we have for now.


Where can I see all the variables that are available for each Auto app?

Inside tasker, there’s a little tag sign nearby every text field. It looks like this:tasker tag If you click it, all the relevant variables will show up on the variable list.

The variables that show up here are the variables in “context”. For example, if you are in a Task from an AutoRemote condition, you’ll see the AutoRemote variables. If you used an AutoContacts actions, you’ll see the AutoContacts variables, and so on and so forth 🙂

What’s the difference between Alpha, Beta and regular apps?

  • Alpha: where apps that aren’t nearly finished may be broken or not work at all go. These are not for sale, and they are just available as a perk to subscribers. I wouldn’t put them out there otherwise, cause they can be really broken 🙂 You can’t buy them separately because I don’t feel comfortable with people buying clearly unfinished and broken apps.
  • Beta: where features are added, removed, and most of the bugs are ironed out. Apps change a lot in this stage, so expect to have to redo conditions/actions because of this
  • Release version: hopefully bug-free and ready to use for everyone. 🙂

Can I buy newer AutoApps through other ways other than the AutoApps app itself?

From now on all my new apps (starting with AutoInput) will be purchasable through AutoApps only. I’ve found it to be too much of a hassle for both users and myself to have too many options to buy an app. This way I keep it simple, and there’s less confusion. Hope you understand.

AutoApps acts as an unlock key for the other apps so keep AutoApps installed if you want to keep the other apps unlocked. You don’t need to subscribe to AutoApps, you can buy the apps separately.


What’s the difference between subscribing and buying apps separately in AutoApps?

This is how it works:

  • by subscribing you will unlock all apps and projects immediately.
    • You can use all apps for as long as you subscribe.
    • If your subscription runs out your apps will revert to lite versions
  • by purchasing an app separately you’ll keep that app forever with a one-time fee
  • you can subscribe and still buy apps separately if you would like to keep an app forever and try out other apps for a limited time for example


Why do some AutoApps have events but also states with “Event Behaviour”? Isn’t that the same thing?

Yes it is. 🙂 Well, almost.

When plugins appeared for Tasker, there was no event condition. So, to get around that, plugins used a “fake” event which was a state that quickly turned itself on and off to simulate an event.

When events came along, “event behaviour” states needed to be kept because I didn’t want to break every existing profile that was already using them.

In short always use true Event conditions when available. “Event Behaviour” states are slower and only exist for historical reasons.


Why does some AutoApps processes consume so much RAM at times?

You may notice that, if you enter the process’ details, that the process that is consuming more RAM is the In-App billing process from the Google Play app. That process is shared between all the apps on your system that use in-app billing, so the memory consumption is not just for that app but for all apps combined. The reason it appears under that specifica app is probably because it was the last process that used it.


Why do some AutoApps need access to Google Play Games when starting the trial?

Because unfortunately that’s the only way it could get access to “cloud saves”. It only uses it to save your trial’s start date. You can edit the privacy settings so that everything is private if you wish.

If you don’t want to use Google Play Games at all you can simply purchase the app and if you find that you don’t like it, contact me and I’ll refund it for you :)


How do you record your videos with a mouse pointer? Are you using your PC?

Nope, it’s actually simpler than that 🙂20131226_153619_Rua Elias Garcia







Do you have an app that works with the Amazon Echo?

Not directly, but with the recent IFTTT-AutoRemote integration you can probably do it that way. 🙂
Check out this and this video.
Also check out the Alexa Channel on IFTTT.
Since I don’t live in the US it’ll be very hard for me to develop a plugin for it directly because I have no way to test it.