Special Thanks

AutoWear was made possible thanks to the awesome people at my Google+ community. 🙂

I’d like to thank all of these people very much for getting together and buying me the Moto 360 Android Wearable watch I wear every day. Also, many thanks to +Tony B for actually sending me the watch 🙂

Also, a very special thanks to +William Power for getting me started with coding AutoWear by providing a working shake recognition sample.

20141031_120022_Rua Elias Garcia

Thank you to:

+Ife Muyiwa-Ojo
+Brad Corwin
+Luis Paredes
+Joey M
+Rory Harnisch
+Jonas Hackenberg
+Peter Rask
+Ricky Bello
+samboney davis
+Robert Sandberg
+DroidKC – DKC Automation
+Gary Scarborough
+Martin Cantu
+Cul Blu
+Brandon Leflar
+Alok Sinha
+Maximilian Ertl
+Justin Weberg
+Stefan Sarzio
+avinash beepath
+Jørgen Sandtorv
+Bryan rollins
+Jesus Hernandez
+Emmanuel Sandoval

Also, a very special thanks to