3.2.13 (2023-12-12)

2.0 (2017-12-05)

Beta features released for everyone!

Some highlights:

  • Set commands as HTTP Urls to call that URL directly from the watch
  • Complications:
  • Secure Settings:
  • Watch on wrist detection:
  • Say text out loud on watch action
  • Watch volume control
  • App Icons on Watch

1.0.33b (Beta) (2017-11-29)

  • Added Watch On Wrist condition! You can now react to the watch being on or off your wrist now. 🙂 Demo here.
  • Fixed some issues on Android Wear 1.5

1.0.31b (Beta) (2017-11-03)

  • Fixed bug where overlay permission was requested on devices that don’t need it
  • Use normal system voice screen on Android 1.X because it doesn’t require touch input and looks better
  • Added option to use system voice screen for Android 2.0
  • Fixed bug with Secure Settings not being saved

1.0.30b (Beta) (2017-10-23)

  • If you tap the voice screen it’ll finish with the current partial recognition right away
  • If you create a notification with the name “persistent_autowear_notification” it’ll override the default persistent notification on your watch
  • Fixed trial option
  • Fixed accept button in dialog screen
  • Fixed issue where complication icons couldn’t be deleted

1.0.29b (Beta) (2017-10-20)

  • Added complications support in the new AutoWear Complications action. Demo video here
  • Added new AutoWear Secure Settings action that allows you to change secure settings on your watch (like AutoTools does for your phone). Demo here.
  • Added Volume control in AutoWear Settings action
  • Added different icons for each of the watch AutoWear shortcuts as seen here:

AutoWear Icons Watch

  • Changed icons in Tasker actions to material designs as seen here:

New Tasker Action Icons

  • Added icons and simplified main phone app as seen here:

AutoWear Icons

  • Option to remove persistent notification on wear
  • Fixed time out error for new actions
  • Added confirmation and haptic feedback for URL commands
  • Fixed error when attempting to use floating icons without the overlay permission
  • Added option to support AutoWear because of the effort made to update to Android Wear 2.0
  • Make sure you have the Write Settings permission before trying to apply Settings

1.0.28b (Beta) (2017-10-17)

  • Moved to standalone Wear app model
  • Changed Voice Activity to recognize voice without the need for manually accepting the voice command
  • Added AutoWear Say action in Tasker to say text out loud on your watch
  • Made commands that start with http:// or https:// call the URLs directly from the watch, allowing you to call simple HTTP APIs (like Join) directly from the watch
  • Added persistent AutoWear notification on the watch so that the service doesn’t get killed all the time

1.0.24b (Beta) (2015-10-20)

  • disable/enable wifi on your watch with tasker
  • <wifi> and <bluetooth> variables that report the state of Wifi and Bluetooth
  • Google Now Voice Recognition “System App” in “AutoWear App”
  • Create screen with no animation (to simulate updating a screen)
  • disable/enable shake with tasker
  • launch watch apps with package name
  • <watchmodel> variable

1.0.15b (Beta) (2015-10-20)

  • added device selector in the main app: for people who were having connection issues, please try manually selecting your device there
  • tried to fix connectivity issues. Connections and disconnections from the watch will now be received with a 5 second delay to avoid quick connections and disconnections
  • fixed other connection related issues

1.0.9b (Beta) (2015-07-22)

  • added Image Screen where you can display a zoomable image on your watch

1.0.7b (Beta) (2015-07-22)

  • added Emoji Screen where you can draw emojis to trigger profiles in Tasker

1.0.2 (2015-03-03)

  • added “Watch Face” system app to the “AutoWear App” action so you can return to your watch face no matter where you are. Allows your screen to be turned off after a few seconds
  • made option to buy app available while you’re in trial mode
  • bug fixes

1.0.1rc (Release Candidate) (2015-02-20)

  • Made each Tasker action have its own icon where appropriate
  • icon timeout now really hides the icon
  • hide all works on screens
  • Added “Walk”, “Run” and “Workout” launcher apps
  • other bugfixes

1.0rc (Release Candidate) (2015-02-13)

  • AutoWear is nearing its final release. If you can find any outstanding bugs please report them to me so I can take a look and hopefully fix them. Thanks 🙂
  • This release behaves like the final one license wise, so you’ll need to purchase it or use the trial to use it. Please let me know if there are any issues with the licensing.
  • made reacting to quick events much much faster. Before if you sent 2 commands, the AutoWear event would trigger with like 1 second difference, now it’s practically instant.
  • Added achievements
  • Added options to enable and disable AutoWear elements. Disabled elements will not react to commands
  • Added <brightnessmode> and <keepscreenon> AutoWear variables
  • bugfixes

0.0.44b (Beta) (2015-02-05)

  • Added AutoWear Buttons screen
  • Added <power> and <screen> AutoWear variables
  • Added German, Italian and Swedish translations for the Setup Wizard

0.0.43b (Beta) (2015-02-03)

  • added Keep screen on option in AutoWear Settings
  • fixed memory leak in AutoWear screens
  • Changed way to turn screen on in AutoWear App action to make it less intrusive
  • AutoWear variables show up in AutoWear text fields
  • fixed icon positioning on moto 360

0.0.40b (Beta) (2015-01-29)

  • Added Battery low state to “AutoWear State” Tasker condition
  • option for swipe left to delete screen disabled by default
  • Support AutoWear variables in notification text
  • Send local only command &CONNECTED& so stuff can react to it on watch
  • Voice screen sends local command so you can react to it on watch
  • added animation option to screens, so you can decide how they slide in (left, right, top or bottom)

0.0.38b (Beta) (2015-01-27)

  • Tried to make the shaking trigger less accidentally. Let me know how it works now. You may have to set your shake value a bit lower now.
  • AutoWear now returns errors in the %errmsg variable, when an action ends in error.
  • fixed states not behaving consistently
  • hide all now doesn’t delete screens
  • Revamped messaging protocol to make it more stable

0.035b (Beta) (2015-01-21)

  • notifications can now be managed from the main phone app and shown/hidden/deleted with watch commands. In the video I’m creating it with a swipe up of the icon and hiding it with a swipe down.
  • fix variable replacement on custom notification screen
  • Color picker lets you choose transparency level
  • Floating icon from wizard can now be managed
  • html can now detect <br/>

0.034b (Beta) (2015-01-20)

  • example screens and floating icon in setup wizard
  • fixed bug where screen could keep background from old screen
  • fixed AutoWear state condition
  • command prefix in floating icon
  • tried to fix list clicking
  • fixed notification icon
  • list screen can have title
  • fixed crash in setup wizard
  • fixed lite detection. Beta shouldn’t be lite.

0.032b (Beta) (2015-01-09)

  • Added voice recording capabilities to the AutoWear Dialog screen. Check out the video
  • fixed some bugs