AutoVoice Assistant Shortcuts: Easy Voice Commands!

You can now make it easier to call AutoVoice on your Google Assistant with Shortcuts!

  • Open the Google Home app
  • Open the navigation bar on the left and tap More Settings
  • Scroll down and tap Shortcuts
  • Create a shortcut with a command like Podcasts and set the Google Assistant Should do field to Ask AutoVoice to resume playing on pocket casts

Now whenever you say Podcasts to your Google Assistant it will think that you said Ask AutoVoice to resume playing on pocket casts and send the appropriate command through AutoVoice! 🙂

Here’s a full video showing how it all works.

Also, Google have announced that in the near future, Android phones will also support AutoVoice on Google Assistant. When that’s live, AutoVoice will at long last work natively with “Ok Google” on phones 😀 Expect another video when that happens.

Have fun with shortcuts!