AutoVoice 4.0 – The Home Automation Game has changed! Control thousands of Alexa compatible home automation devices from Tasker!

You can now control any of the thousands of Alexa compatible home automation devices right from Tasker!

Here’s a full tutorial on how to set this up:

For this you’ll need:

You need at least AutoVoice 4.0 for this to be available. Get it here if it’s not available for you on Google Play yet.

Home Automation

The problem with Home Automation is that it’s normally not that automatic.

For example, you could turn on a light every time you trigger a motion sensor, but you probably don’t want to do that if it’s in the middle of the night and everyone else is asleep in the house.
Or you may want to set the lights to max when the sun has set, but you probably don’t need to do that if you’re not at home.

With Tasker’s super powerful condition system, and since it takes advantage of being on your phone and thus knowing a LOT of stuff that home automation systems normally do not, you can properly automate everything!

For example, the motion sensor could turn on the light only if it’s past a certain hour and other people aren’t asleep.

You could only turn on the lights at sunset if anyone’s at home!

I personally have an automation set up where if I’m home, my PC is on, it’s past 4PM and I leave my work place, a workout app is automatically launched on my phone and the water heater turns on for 45 minutes so I can take a shower after working out!

Import this profile to see an example of how an automation like this could work.

The list goes on and on! It’s now much easier to only automate stuff when you really need it to!

So, get AutoVoice 4.0, link it to Alexa, use the new AutoVoice Trigger Alexa Routine action in Tasker and away you go!

Discuss this new release here.

Enjoy! 😁