AutoVoice 3.0 – Google Home, Amazon Echo, IFTTT and Natural Language

New AutoVoice is out!

Download it here.

Google Home/Amazon Echo integration!

By simply saying “Hey Google” or “Alexa” followed by “open AutoVoice” you are now able to say any AutoVoice command right from your personal assistant!

You can also shortcut it and directly say “Alexa ask autovoice to say hello” for example, to directly send the “say hello” command to connected devices!

Natural Language

Are you tired of having to remember the exact command triggers you setup in AutoVoice and wish you could say the commands however you wanted? Do complex regexes give you headaches? Then natural language will help you out tremendously!

Just speak naturally and AutoVoice will understand your commands with the help of natural language machine learning provided by API.AI.

Natural Language is also fully integrated with the Google Home and Amazon Echo!

IFTTT Integration

You can now trigger IFTTT recipes directly from AutoVoice with natural language commands! For example, you can easily post a tweet straight from AutoVoice!

Super Easy Regular (non-natural language) Commands

It’s now easier then ever to get started: simply write all the variations of a command and AutoVoice will trigger the Tasker profile when it hears any of them. Also, no more complicated regexes to create custom variables. Simply use the $variable notation and a variable with the name will be automatically created!


Here’s a list of examples and tutorials to get you started using all of the new features:

Video tutorials



Step-by-step tutorials

Full list here:

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