AutoTools 2.1 – Floating Bars, Icons, Assistants and more!

The new 2.1 release of AutoTools is available! Here’s what’s new.

Floating Bar

Some new background APIs were added to Web Screens which now allows this to happen! Display a list of interactive items in a bar that can be dragged around the screen and be expanded/collapsed at will. You can make the icons do anything you want! Check out the video demo:

Icons! Lots and lots of icons!

You can select icons from installed icon packs to use everywhere where AutoTools supports icons.

This means that you can use them in Web Screens, Dialogs, Toasts and everywhere else icons are used!

Since there are hundreds (thousands?) of icon packs out there you will never run out of them again. 🙂

Switching Assistants

Since AutoVoice (beta for now) can be your “Ok Google” assistant now, it can be handy to switch the assistant at will between AutoVoice and Google! Here’s a short demo video of this in action:

Of course you can switch assistants whenever you like! For example, you may want to have AutoVoice as your assistant in your car but Google as your assistant at home 🙂


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