AutoTools 2.0 – Web Screens, HTML Read and More!

The new AutoTools is out!

You can download it here!

Web Screens

My goal with Web Screens is to make UI creation based on templates rather than having each and every user creating their own custom layouts.

Myself and other community members create Web Screen Presets which then anyone can use.

If I can get a reasonable amount of Web Screen types in the app then 90% of use cases will be covered, which leaves regular Tasker scene creation for the more edge use cases!

You can check out the full list of Web Screen Types along with demo videos here.

Let’s look at some examples:

Card List

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List of material designed cards that are full configurable. You can add a navigation drawer and it even supports real time search.

Material Design Card


One of the community created presets. Displays a beautiful, interactive card which can be shown as a dialog or floating overlay


Can be used to display progress while doing stuff in the background. Can be used with a bunch of different styles as seen here.



A layout that resembles an Android notification that you can use however you please to display whatever data you want.

Navigation Drawer

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A navigation drawer that you can pull out from the left at any time, on any screen, that has configurable items with icons and labels.

Buttom Buttons

Bottom Buttons

A sheet of buttons that can be used as a dialog or overlay.


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A transparent overlay that can be swiped to send out commands. In this example it’s being used to bring out a Card List based app launcher

Speed Reader

Shows one word at a time allowing to read text really fast

Like these, any other screen type can be created and be easily used by anyone with minimum setup!


Historically it’s been really hard to parse web pages in Tasker. No more! HTML Read uses the power of CSS queries to enable you to get any info from a web page very easily!

AutoTools Root Add-on

AutoTools does everything it does without needed root access, but sometimes some stuff really needs root to work. That’s why I’ve created the new AutoTools root only add-on! I plan on adding more and more root-only stuff to it in the future!

App Shortcuts

App Shortcuts

You can now set Android 7 app shortcuts on the AutoTools icon on your launcher so it can show whatever you like depending on the situation you’re in! You could show a bunch of options when you’re at home and a different bunch when you’re away for example!

AutoTools Launcher

By making AutoTools your launcher you can then dynamically decide which real launcher you want to show! This allows you to have different launchers for different situations!

Other stuff

With the new 2.0 release you also get new Secure Settings you can change like Automatic Screen Lock, Color Inversion, Screen Orientation, Immersive Mode, change system language

You get Wake On LAN, Force Bluetooth connection, Media State condition (react to music playing),Network Traffic, System Info and much more! All in the new AutoTools!