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Google Now Text Search – Send text to Google Now and get non-spoken results
Google Now Voice Search – Open Google Now and immediately start a voice search. This will get you spoken results
Google Now Music Search – Open Google Now and immediately start Music Search. This will let you find out what song you’re listening to on the radio for instance.
Google+ Search – Search Google+. Set the %search variable to what you want to search for before using this intent.
Google+ Image Search – Search images that are on your or your circles’ Google+ accounts.
Google+ People Tab – Open Google+ on the People Tab.
Google+ Communities Tab – Open Google+ on the Communities Tab.
Google+ Events Tab – Open Google+ on the Events Tab.
Google+ Own Profile Tab – Open Google+ on the Own Profile Tab.
Google Play Music Search And Play – If the default Search And Play intent doesn’t work for you in Google Play music, use this one.
Google Translate – Translate some text from any language to any language. Check out the possible language codes here
Google Play Games My Apps & Games – Open the Google Play Games app directly in the “My Apps & Games” section
Google Weather – Directly open the Google Weather page in the Google App
Google Calendar – Directly open the “Add New Event” page in Google Calendar

Search and Play Media

These intents were tested on Google Play Music. I can’t guarantee they will work on other apps.

Search and Play Album– Plays a full album from start to finish depending on the query
Search and Play Artist– Plays an album depending on the query
Search and Play Song– Plays a song based on a query
Search and Play Playlist– Plays a playlist based on a query


Media Control

Media control intents need to be used in the following way:
  • Send the down intent
  • Send the up intent for the same command
  • In both these intents, use the “Find Compatible Apps” button under advanced to choose the app you want to control

Play Down Play Up – Plays/Pauses the currently playing media
Play/Pause Down Play/Pause Up – Plays/Pauses the currently playing media
Next Down Next Up – Skips the current media
Previous Down Previous Up – Goes back to the previous media
Stop Down Stop Up – Stops the currently playing media


Take Photo – Take a photo with any camera app. Use the file path field to define where the photo should be saved. Will create %asfilepath variable with the file path.

Capture Video – Record a video with any camera app. %asdata will have the path to the video in the Task, after the AutoShare action.

Edit Image – Edit an image with any image editing app. Put file path in data field. Resulting image path will be in the %asdata variable
Open Image – Open local image: set file path in the Data field


Start Service – Starts BubbleUPnP Service
Stop Service – Stops BubbleUPnP  Service
Google Music Sync – Syncs your Google Music in BubbleUPnP
Toggle Audio Cast -Turns on or off “Audio Cast” (Root Needed). More details here.


Update – Updates Twilight
Refresh – Refreshes Twilight
Preview – Previes Twilight in timelapse mode
Next Profile – Activates the next profile
Toggle – Toggles Twilight
Start – Starts Twilight
Stop – Stops Twilight

Sleep as Android

Start Lullaby
Stop Lullaby
Start Sleep Tracking
Stop Sleep Tracking
Change Alarm – Enable or disable an alarm by referencing to a Sleep as Android Alarm label


Next In Category
Previous In Category
Begin Fast Forward
End Fast Forward
Begin Rewind
End Rewind
Stop Service


Create Evernote
Create Voice Evernote
View Evernote

Pocket Casts

Skip Backward
Skip Forward
Refresh Podcasts

ES File Explorer

Start ES File Explorer FTP Service
Stop ES File Explorer FTP Service

IP Cam Viewer

Pro Open Camera in Gallery View – Open camera for a given name in the gallery view.
Pro Open Group in Matrix View – Open group of cameras for a given group name in the matrix view.
Lite Open Camera in Gallery View – Open camera for a given name in the gallery view.


Set Timer for KitKat – Set a Timer. Only works in Android KitKat (4.4) and above
Set Alarm for KitKat – Set an Alarm. Only works in Android KitKat (4.4) and above
Set or Unset Alarm Icon – hide or display a little alarm icon on your notification bar
Show Alarms for KitKat – Show the current alarms. Only works in Android KitKat (4.4) and above

Pick Stuff: use results in Tasker

Pick File – Use %asdata to get the picked file. Use OpenIntents file picker with this intent or any any file browser that supports this intent.
Pick Image – Use %asdata to get the picked image
Pick Color – Use %ascolor to get the picked color (Use this app if you don’t have a color picker installed)
Pick Contact – You will get the Contact Phone URI back in the %asdata field. Follow the in-app instructions for further details


Open File – Open local file: set file path in the Data field
Send Email – Send email with To, Subject, Text and Attachments fields
Browse URL – Open URL. You may provide specialized app packages to open certain URLs, like package to open YouTube URLs. Set URL in the Data field
Search and Play Media – Search for media on your phone and immediately start playing it.
Shazam It – Start song recognition in Shazam
SoundHound It – Start song recognition in SoundHound
Send AVRCP Data (control what is displayed on Bluetooth audio devices that show title/artist/album)
Yatse Voice Command – Send a command directly to the Yatse voice command processor
Open Contact – Open contact based on a contact id
IMDB Movies Showing – Open the IMDB app on the movies showing page
IMDB Events – Open the IMDB app on the events page
Wikipedia Open Page – Opens page with the title that was input with the %search variable
Recent Apps – Shows the default Android Recent Apps List
Search TV Show Favs – Searches the “TV Show Favs” app. The regular search intent doesn’t seem to work.
Search Netflix – Searches the Netflix app
Open App Settings – Open a given app’s settings screen in Android Settings
Uninstall App – Uninstall the app with the given app package name
Open Google Keep Note/List – Open any existing Keep note or list with the given ID. To get the ID, visit the note in the web version of Keep and get the number after #NOTE/ or #LIST/
Data Usage – Open the Settings app on the Data Usage page
Calling Accounts Settings – Open the Settings app on the Calling Accounts page
Secret Codes – Open hidden Android settings. Useful if you want to open them without dialing the codes. More info here.