AutoShare – Text Processors and Direct Shares

Text Processors

With the newest release of AutoShare you can now receive text from any app, send it to Tasker to process and send it back to the calling app transformed in some way.

Here’s an example:

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  • some Portuguese text is written in the Hangouts app.
  • It is sent to AutoShare to process
  • The text is translated in Tasker
  • The translated text is sent back to hangouts and replaces the original text so it’s ready to send to your  international friend 🙂

You can configure multiple text processors so that you can easily select what you want to do with the text:

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Since Tasker is so open ended you can do whatever you want with the text! 🙂 As always, your imagination is the limit!

Learn how to use Text Processing with AutoShare here.

Direct Shares

You can now also see your AutoShare commands in the direct share menu on Android Marshmallow and above:

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As you can see by the little AutoShare icons, the CastPaste On PC and Search Wallpaper direct share targets were added.

These are just examples, but you can make them whatever you like.

Try it out for yourself by downloading AutoShare here.