Example Use Cases

Remember! You don’t need to have Tasker installed to use standalone apps.

You simply install the apps and they will work with only AutoRemote installed



Share settings on multiple android devices

Have 2 or more Android devices? AutoRemote makes it easy to send messages back and forth so all your devices can share settings or other info. You could have a shortcut on your tablet to put your phone on mute, or you could have a notification on your phone that shows your Tablet’s battery status… The possibilities are endless! Check out this example on Twitter


Push notifications for an emergency medical services app created with Tasker: standalone app in Google Play:created by Tasker

AutoRemote user Andrew uses AutoRemote to save lives! He created an app in Tasker that uses AutoRemote to alert his medical services team when someone is in need of help! “Really enjoying the app. I’m using it to push notifications for an emergency medical services app I wrote in tasker. It’s really reduced ambulance response times for my rescue squad. It’s called TVRS on the market if you want to check it out.”


Communicate with loved ones in a unique way

AutoRemote user Steven writes: “[AutoRemote] has become a cornerstone of the system I’ve set up to communicate with my father whom we just put in a nursing home–I built a web page from which anyone in the family can send messages to his tablet. Tasker acts on them–speaking a message, asking a question, playing his music. I couldn’t have made all this work without your app.


Can’t remember where you put your phone? Create a lost-my-phone” command:

You could send a “Where are you?” message to your phone, and have Tasker respond with a repetitive “I’m here! I’m here!”.


Easily send sms messages from your computer:

You could create the command “sms 5550042=:=Happy Birthday”, and have Tasker send an sms to the number 5550042 with the message “Happy Birthday”


Let your wife send you a spoken shopping list when you get off work:

You can use AutoRemote with other Tasker conditions, such as the Date and Time conditions. Create a “shop=:=” command and combine it with a 5PM condition. Then, share your personal AutoRemote URL with your wife and have her send stuff she needs you to buy like “shop=:=carrots and ice cream”. Then, at 5PM your phone could say that list out loud: “You need to go shopping! You need to buy carrots and ice cream”


Make your phone talk:

With the command “say=:=I am an android!”, you could make Tasker say the phrase “I am an android” out loud!


Listening to a song with your phone connected to your stereo, and want to skip a song, or change media volume:standalone app:created by Tasker

Send a “music=:=next” or “music=:=6” (where 6 is the intended media volume) command, and have Tasker have skip to the next song.


Find my Phone: standalone app:created by Tasker

Send a “location” command and have your phone respond with its location via AutoRemote to another Android device or PC.


Copy text to your phone’s cliboard: standalone app:created by Tasker

Want to write some long text on your phone but don’t have a keyboard? Just write it on your PC and send it to your phone and have it be available on your phone’s cliboard, ready for pasting anywhere!


Create a notification remotely: standalone app:created by Tasker

Want to be notified on your phone when your PC at home has been logged into, or when someone opened an app on it, or any other event you may think of? Send “notify=:=User logged in=:=John is on your PC!”, for example, when John logs in to your PC using EventGhost!


Take stealth photos: standalone app:created by Tasker

Toddlers act more natural when they don’t know you’re taking their photo. You could create a “photo” command that would take a photo remotely. Then place your phone somewhere the toddler wouldn’t notice and take his photos in the most natural of circumstances.


Surprise your kids with “magic tricks”:

Make Tasker do weird things like open an app, or play a song when your kids are using the phone, to make them think you are magical!


Turn off the sound on your phone:

Send a “sound=:=off” message to your phone, and have Tasker
turn down all volumes on your phone. Or better yet, “sound=:=<volume_here>” to set the desired volume!


Download a youtube video to your phone from your PC easily

With the help of the AutoRemote Chrome extension and you can have Tasker open a youtube video on your phone ready for downloading.


Use with EventGhost for further Automation:

With EventGhost any event on your PC can trigger something on your phone. And any event on your phone can trigger something on your PC! You could, for instance, activate your work profile when you log in to your work PC. Get the plugin with the AutoRemote desktop app here: http://goo.gl/KrEJP


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