How do I close the notification panel?

Use the built-in Tasker action called “Close System Dialogs”.

Why are my notifications being creating with no buttons?

The buttons are there, you just need to reveal them. 🙂 Swipe down on the notification with 2 fingers.

Nice! How can I make the buttons appear automatically?

Try creating the notification with the highest priority. This usually takes care of that.

If you are rooted you can use an Xposed module called “All Notifications Expanded”.
This forces all notifications to expand when initially created, regardless of their priority in the stack. However if you collapse a specific notification it should stay that way until you expand it again.

Why does the AutoNotification Intercept process consume so much RAM at times?

You may notice that, if you enter the process’ details, that the process that is consuming more RAM is the In-App billing process from the Google Play app. That process is shared between all the apps on your system that use in-app billing, so the memory consumption is not just for AutoNotification but for all apps combined. The reason it appears under AutoNotification is probably because it was the last process that used it.

Why can’t set the Status Bar Icon or Notification Button Icons to an image I have on my phone?

Sorry, that’s an Android limitation. I really can’t do anything about it. You can set custom images for icons in the notification tray, when it’s expanded though.

Why does AutoNotification miss some intercepted notifications sometimes?

I have not been able to reproduce it myself, but some users report that if they turn off Tasker’s accessibility service that this does happen anymore, so give it a try!


If I click on a notification that is supposed to open a URL from the lock scren the URL doesn’t open. Why?

Unfortunately that’s a chrome bug/feature: https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=455126. There’s nothing I can do, sorry!


What HTML tags are supported in the notifications?

Check here. You can also use most html entities to generate special characters and icons. Check here for those. For example if you use the text “⛯” in a notification, it’ll show a nice sun icon  (⛯) or if you use “🔥” you get a fire icon (🔥). Be aware that some characters won’t work on Android and will show a default error icon instead.

To use html in a notification don’t forget to enable the “Use HTML” option in the “Texts” section in the “AutoNotification” action in Tasker.