1.1b (Beta) (2018-18-04)

  • Added option to use icon pack files for AutoLaunch Query. Demo here.
  • Fixed missing adaptive icons bug


  • Fixed bug where AutoLaunch would crash if you had many apps.


– Added option to ignore apps so they are not considered at all in AutoLaunch.



– Made App Name or Nickname the default option that people see right away
– Made it the only option people see right away. The rest is tucked away in the Advanced settings
– When you fill the Name or Nickname field, it will automatically check the “Contains All” option, because that’s probably what people usually want
– When you have a trailing space in the field it will warn you (damn you swift key keyboard! :P)
– By default you always get a Toast showing you which app you tried to launch for easier debugging. Because sometimes the error comes from AutoVoice or some other place.



– By popular demand, the Case Insensitive option is no more.
– Prioritize exact matches in relation to partial matches. For instance, if you have “YouTube” and “YouTube popup player” installed, and you use the word “YouTube” in AutoLaunch, it will always launch the app “YouTube”.