How can I do a UI Query for more than one situation? ie. I want to query SoundHound when it has finished recognizing a song both when it succeeds or fails.

You can do this by setting the “Text” field in the “AutoInput UI Query” action with multiple values separated by “=:=”

For example, in SoundHound when a song is recognized, the text “Search YouTube” appears on screen, and when it’s not recognized the words “no close matches” appear. So set the “Text” field  to “Search YouTube=:=no close matches” (no quotes) to match both.

Can I unlock my phone with just AutoInput and Tasker?

You can if:

  • You don’t have lock screen security
  • or if you have Android KitKat or below and you lock screen security is a PIN number

If you don’t have lock screen security simply use the Tasker built in action “Popup” with a 1 second timeout

If you do have a PIN lock, use the “AutoInput Action” Tasker action with Field Type set to ID and Field ID set to the IDs to press the lock screen buttons:


  • com.android.keyguard:id/key0
  • com.android.keyguard:id/key1
  • com.android.keyguard:id/key2
  • com.android.keyguard:id/key3
  • com.android.keyguard:id/key4
  • com.android.keyguard:id/key5
  • com.android.keyguard:id/key6
  • com.android.keyguard:id/key7
  • com.android.keyguard:id/key8
  • com.android.keyguard:id/key9
  • com.android.keyguard:id/delete_button
  • com.android.keyguard:id/key_enter

 Does AutoInput work with the Wink app?

I can’t test it myself but other users have reported success. Check here.


Why can’t AutoInput click on my favorite app? What can I do?

Unfortunately not all apps work with AutoInput. AutoInput uses an accessibility service to click on stuff and sometimes apps are coded in such a way that the accessibility click is disabled.

What you should do is try to contact the app’s developer and ask them to make the button you want to click compatible with an accessibility service. It’s not a hard thing to do, so there’s a good chance they’ll do it 🙂

Why can’t I enable the accessibility service? It doesn’t allow me to click the Ok button!

You probably have an app like “Lux” or “Twilight” available which adds a full screen overlay to your Android device. As a security measure Android disables that button in this case. To get around this:

  • Disable Lux or Twilight
  • Enable the accessibility service
  • Re-enable Lux or Twilight