Custom Screen Builder

This page will help you build you custom screens.

Fill the form below to automatically generate the .autocastscreen file mentioned here. Read the aforementioned page to know all about custom screen creation.


  • Fill in the “Screen URL” field with the dropbox share link of your html page. (check here for more details). Press the “Automatically Build Page From URL” button so that most of the fields will automatically be filled
  • Change in the screen id, name and description with values of your liking. Take note that screens with the same id will overwrite each other in AutoCast, so choose an id that is unique for you and your screen.
  • For every element you put on the screen (div, span, image, video, etc) check that Page Elements were created for them and change any Name you like, to make it more user friendly. Also add some descriptions so user know what the fields are for.
  • Delete any elements that you don’t want users to be able to change from Tasker
  • If you want to add some custom functionality to your screen you can add Screen Values too that will be passed to the handleAutoCastSetValues() function in your page
  • Press the “Download to .autocastscreen file” link and save the .autocastscreen file to any folder on your dropbox , get the share link to that file and share it with everyone so that they can import it into AutoCast 🙂

To edit an existing screen paste the contents of the .autocastscreen file in the text area below and all the fields in the form will auto-populate.



Screen Properties:

Screen Elements:

Screen Values:

.autocastscreen file contents:

Download to .autocastscreen file