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With Join you can simply open a browser on your device’s SMS page and text away. Yes, you do it from a browser. Which means you can do it on your PC, your tablet or any other device that has a compatible web browser. The only requirement is that you […]

Join – SMS from anything with a browser   Recently updated !

Full Remote
It has been a long time coming but the AutoNotification beta is now finally out for everyone! Here are a few highlights: Button Notifications Ever felt the need for a notification with 50 buttons? Well, now you can make that dream a reality. Enter AutoNotification Buttons Notification, where you can add as many […]

AutoNotification Update with Buttons, Replies and more

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 I’ve just released a beta of a new app: Join!   Join (pun intended) the beta test here. Download the Chrome Extension here. It’s an AutoRemote-like standalone app (yes, it’s NOT a Tasker plugin ). The idea of join is to bring all your devices together and easily exchange anything between […]

Announcing Join – a new way to connect your devices!   Recently updated !