AutoInput 10 finger control
With the release of the Android N Beta to the masses I thought I would share some features I added to some of my apps to take advantage of it. AutoNotification Tiles As you can see in the screenshot above you have up to 5 custom quick access tiles you can […]

Tasker and Android N   Recently updated !

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Join was updated to receive a couple of cool new features: Notifications (including a notification API) and Smart Device Groups!   Notifications Right-Click Menu You can now easily create notifications on your Android devices from Chrome. Instead of just opening a web page, image, file or link directly you can now choose […]

Join Gets Notifications (tutorial inside) and Smart Device Groups

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Join is now out for everyone! After a few months of public beta everyone can now Join in! Check out what Join can do in this launch video To sum it up, you’ll be able to sync your notifications accross devices send SMS messages from any web browser copy your clipboard […]

Join by joaoapps is a new App that brings your ...

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With Join you can simply open a browser on your device’s SMS page and text away. Yes, you do it from a browser. Which means you can do it on your PC, your tablet or any other device that has a compatible web browser. The only requirement is that you […]

Join – SMS from anything with a browser

Full Remote
It has been a long time coming but the AutoNotification beta is now finally out for everyone! Here are a few highlights: Button Notifications Ever felt the need for a notification with 50 buttons? Well, now you can make that dream a reality. Enter AutoNotification Buttons Notification, where you can add as many […]

AutoNotification Update with Buttons, Replies and more

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 I’ve just released a beta of a new app: Join!   Join (pun intended) the beta test here. Download the Chrome Extension here. It’s an AutoRemote-like standalone app (yes, it’s NOT a Tasker plugin ). The idea of join is to bring all your devices together and easily exchange anything between […]

Announcing Join – a new way to connect your devices!